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Appearances, Trials and Success -   

Posted by Pastor Sam Lead Team    

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January 20th, 2014

I was plugging along this morning, digging into scripture and getting ready (mentally and physically) for work, when I posted a very simple Morning All. Simple, straightforward and to the point. Morning All. . .that coming after the aftermath of the NFC game in which the Seahawks provided a nail biting win full of emotion.

Considering the Seahawks game . .

Coming off the emotionally high of watching the Seahawks and 49ers game, I had to reflect on the highs and lows of the game. First off, I'd like to request prayer for NaVorro Bowman. Watching the injury was tough. I have to think going through something like that changes a person.

Lots of emotion. . .

Congrats to the Seahawks for a well played season and to them playing the best game they can come February 2nd. Having said that, I have to look at myself, knowing that I have a lot to improve on. As a team, many commentators (including myself) can and will point out the defects of the team - Wilson this or that, receivers are just so so, Sherman. . .

Ahh yes. . . Sherman - Appearances. Defining who you are.
Was Sherman right to do what he did. . .I haven't worn his shoes and do not know what led up to his rant. I do not think how he did what he did was the right way and place. But then I have to reflect on some of my outbursts my trials (other people in cars when they swerve towards me - especially when they are on their smartphones; when something goes down and my emotions are spiked through the roof. . .) I have had to walk through my triggers and deal with with the aftermath of my outbursts. I am stronger for that. And I don't fly off the handle as much now that I am in my 40's, but when I was in my 20 somethings - wow.
Sherman will walk through these trials and grow. Just like the Seahawks will take the time to learn from their mistakes and continue to grow. To move into their successes.

Before you throw a stone, make sure you are free of sin. John 8:1-11

Just saying. . .

God Bless

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